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Deji Akinwande

Graphene and Beyond: The Wonder Materials That Could Replace Silicon in Future Tech

Silicon is pretty great.

Testifying to its greatness is more than 70 years’ worth of steady progress in electronic computing, from the first primitive desktop calculators to that pocket-size supercomputer we call a smartphone.

Formulate silicon just right, shape it into a transistor, and it can be both a conductor and an insulator, depending on


Robots Have Become An Essential Part Of The War Against Covid-19

More recently, robots are being used for essential functions in the patient-care setting. Take for example Moxi, built by Texas-based Diligent Robotics.

EB Train

Reducing energy use in neural networks

Dr. Atlas Wang is part of a research team that has developed a novel energy-efficient method for training DNNs, based on so-called ‘Early-Bird’ (EB) tickets, called an ‘EB Train.’

Shrinking massive neural networks used to model language

Texas ECE PhD student Tianlong Chen is the lead author of a study in artificial intelligence that posits that hidden within massive neural networks, leaner subnetworks exist that can complete the same task more efficiently. The study is co-authored by Texas ECE assistant professor Zhangyang "Atlas" Wang with others.

VMblog Expert Interview: Mohit Tiwari Talks Symmetry Systems Emerging from Stealth to Transform Data Store and Object Security

To better understand the company and the problems they are addressing, VMblog reached out to Mohit Tiwari, CEO at Symmetry Systems, to learn more. 
Robots now on the front lines in battle against COVID-19

Robots now on the front lines in battle against COVID-19

Prof. Andrea Thomaz is developing robots to take on tasks in hospitals to reduce exposure risk for frontline health care workers, including operating ventilators, taking inventory and delivering PPE.
The Case for Hardware-ML Model Co-design with Diana Marculescu

The Case for Hardware-ML Model Co-design with Diana Marculescu

Texas ECE chair Dr. Diana Marculescu sat down with TWIML to discuss her work on hardware-aware machine learning.
Texas ECE undergraduate Allen Zhou

Texas-made Big & Mini site helps young people hang out with seniors stuck in isolation

Texas ECE undergraduate Allen Zhou worked with UT biomedical engineering student Aditi Merchant and his brother, Anthony, a computer science student at the Texas Academy of Math and Science in Denton to build a website that matches older people with younger ones to give both older and younger generations a chance to connect with someone new and battle social isolation.