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Qualcomm Office Hours


Location: EER 0.806/0.808

Over the last few decades, the Wireless R&D and Modem Tech divisions have been shaping the mobile communication revolution- spanning 3G, 4G, 5G and now expanding into 6G, wireless Machine Learning, and end-to-end systems design for XR, auto and IoT verticals. The engineering teams have world-class experts in PHY/MAC design, system architecture, and protocols, RF systems, Al/ML distributed, edge computing, perception, sensor fusion, API, and location technologies.
You now have an opportunity of joining the engineering teams working on early-stage concept prototypes, standardization, radio design commercialization, and real-life deployments.
Get in on the ground floor of these new emerging technologies and help shape the FUTURE
Actively recruiting BS, MS, and Ph.D. students interested in Wireless Systems, Hardware Design/DV, and Embedded SW/Firmware opportunities for the Summer 2023 Internship Program

To Apply go to and search for:

Summer 2023 Internship REQS

  • Wireless Systems Engineer-REQ 3042989
  • HW Digital Design+DV-REQ 3042988
  • SW/FW Engineeding-REQ 3042986