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You Beelong at UT

Our project aims to provide an interactive experience that imparts a sense of community to its users. Additionally, it can serve as a prop to promote the Cockrell School of Engineering to potential students, donors and incoming freshmen. It is an interactive art installation in which a swarm of realistic, animated bees form the outlines of the user. The bees are attracted to the edges of objects that appear in the foreground of the video feed; when objects in the video feed move, the bees break away from their configuration to match the new edges in the video. Our project provides additional functionality such as interactive music, hand detection, and video recording. By providing an interesting and beautiful example of an application of skills learned at UT, we hope to inspire younger students and foster a sense of community.

Team Members: 

Connor Fritz

Quin King

Wenran Lu

Adriana Pedroza

Brandon Pham