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Privacy Check

Over the past semester, our team worked to update PrivacyCheck, a browser extension that uses machine learning to analyze any website’s privacy policy and then provide the user with easy-to-understand scores. As part of the update, our team reworked the entire user interface to make the design more polished and look more like a smartphone application. In addition to the existing option to score the policies based on standard privacy practices, the new version gives the user the ability to score based on the European Union’s recent General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws that contain stricter guidelines. Lastly, the team created a Competitor Analysis Tool (CAT) that displays the top three companies within the same market sector that have the highest PrivacyCheck scores. The intent of CAT is to empower users to make decisions on who they want to trust with their information and to push companies to compete to improve their own privacy policy so that they maintain their user base.

Team Members: 

Safa Anya

Alexander Issa

Jake Nimergood

Isabelle Rogers

Vinay Shah

Ayush Srivastava