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Guardian is a smart pepper spray that works in conjunction with a mobile application. The affordable and user-friendly device can be carried as a key chain. In the case of a security incident, Guardian can be used to alert authorities and others in the area with the victim’s location and other information. Additionally, the mobile application provides a community forum for centralized communication during the attack.

In response to a reported emergency, authorities can take up to six minutes to identify the exact location of the reporter’s call, which wastes a considerable amount of time. Additionally, public response to emergencies quickly turns to misinformation and hysteria spread across various social media platforms and group chats. Guardian was developed in response to these issues - our product provides users with a sense of security and also serves as a reliable source of centralized information regarding threats to personal safety.

Team Members: 

Christine Dao

Simon Kliewer

Isabel Li

Ramya Rajasekaran

Meiling Tang

Brian Tsai