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Grid-Connected Power Converter

The power grid, or “the grid,” is a critical supporting system for every-day electronic devices. The grid is a network of electrical systems that distribute electrical power to access points in a nearby region. For most devices, the access point is a wall outlet. However, to make the power from the grid suitable for use by a device, a power converter must be placed between the wall outlet and the device. A power converter can convert the grid’s electrical energy to alternating or direct current (AC/DC), higher or lower voltages, and higher or lower frequencies. For example, the charger for a cellphone uses a power converter to lower the wall outlet voltage to a level suitable for a cellphone. Without the power converter, the grid’s high voltage would damage the phone. The same is true for almost all electronics, which is why power converters are essential for the operation of electronic devices.

Team Members: 

Luis Cornejo

Prajwal Dhakal

Huy Do

Hung Huynh

Huy Le

Eric Noe

Joshua Thias